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a chicago alderman proposes his plan to make the city safer by getting more police officers on the streets... and he thinks residents should pay for it. good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. judy wang is live at city hall with details on the new fee proposal. aldermen george cardenas is
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thinking that this feat might help put more officers on the street ... $5 a month might be a small price to pay for safer streets ... the 12th ward alderman says that most people agreed ... >>people think they are buying peace of mind ... we might not be addressing certain community crime issues as much as weekend ... the $5 fee would be billed monthly on your co-med bill it would generate $70 million a year and enough to hire back several police officers ... the
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mayor's administration shifted more police to the beach patrol and that eliminated 1400 vacancies in the last budget homicides rep 24.5% these new hires would allow the police department to bring back certain specialized units ... >>there's a lot of street intelligence and i think it would be worth it to bring them back ... >>this just shows that the city council is taking a serious look at the manpower levels and they are not believing the superintendent's rhetoric on the manpower levels that we don't need any more officers ... and it's absolutely false. the next up for alderman george kerr dennis is to get it before the finance committee he has not yet heard from the mayor with any feedback on the idea
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the illinois supreme court is hearing a hotly contested issue today... the controversial state law requiring doctors to notify parents if girls younger than 18 seek an abortion. wgn's julian crews is in the newsroom a lot of strong emotions surrounding this debate .. especially when you talk to parents. the controversial 1995 parental notification law has yet to be enforced .. due to lawsuits and legal challenges. but now the illinois supeme court faces a potentially pivotal decision. >>when we look to the time of the illinois constitution, abortion was illegal ... intense debate at the illinois supreme court. the decision before the state's top justices .... not to decide whether the 1995 notification law goes into effect .. but whether the high court will open the door to new debate. the illinois supreme court could decide to lift a lower court injunction ... and that could ultimately lead to a definitive ruling in the controversial case. the parental notification act of 1995 requires that girls ... 17 and under ... notify a parent
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at least 48 hours before an abortion. under the law ... which isn't being enforced right now ... a teen could also seek a judge's permission to get an abortion. medical professionals and pro-choice groups say the law violates privacy and gender discrimination safeguards. >>in the u.s. supreme court has made clear that the fundamental right is not the right to abortion perce it's the right to protect this and vigorously so ... not to have these states unduly burden the decision ... >>this wasn't raised it wasn't argued there was no discussion of the constitutional convention debate or relevant before a citation to suggest the language that these pundits rely upon claiming that the right to an abortion is simply impossible ...
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supporters of parental notification argue that a majority of illinoisians' support the law. and they want the high court to lift the debated in court. oral arguments are continuing in springfield. in the newsroom, julian crews wgn news. christopher vaughn will be sentenced in november for shooting to death his wife and three children. he's facing life in prison. it took a jury less than an hour yesterday to convict him of the murders. the 37 year-old shot his wife and kids in the family vehicle near channahon in 2007. he didn't show any emotion as the verdict was read, while his late wife's family cried softly and hugged one another. prosecutors argued he murdered his family so he could start a new life in the wilderness in canada. >>if you heard the evidence and listen to the trial you have come to the same conclusion that we did ... he will be sentenced november 26th ...
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the parents of a young girl who was run over by a car... is suing the alleged driver for more than 50,000 dollars. 18 year-old carly rousso is charged with driving her car onto a sidewalk in downtown highland park, running over five year-old jaclyn santos sacramento, and then driving back over her. authorities say she was under the influence of a drug that makes users feel euphoric. the little girl was walking with her mother and two siblings at the time. chicago teachers have set a date to vote on their new contract. the teachers union membership will vote on the new agreement october second. a simple majority is needed to approve the changes. this agreement would replace the contract that expired on june 30th. by one estimate, as many as 180 schools would have to be closed to help cover the expense of the new contract. coming up next: violent protests erupt across pakistan... after a film and several cartoons mocked the muslim prophet mohammed. also ahead: what former white house intern monica lewinsky may reveal in a new tell-all book. and, after years of being overfed, this overweight dog is now in the care of a foster family -- on a mission to get
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protests across pakistan over recent portrayals of the prophet mohammed turned deadly today . the country's main television stations reports 19 people were killed and dozens injured. the pakistani government had declared today a holiday so people could rally against the anti-islam film "innocence ofthe american embassy in pakistan featuring secretary of state hillary clinton, saying the u.s. government had nothing to do with the movie. today's demonstrations are also against the french papers that published cartoons of mohammed, this week. the surge of u.s. troops in afghansitan is over ... nearly three years after it began. defense officials say the last of several hundred troops from the surge has left the country. president obama ordered 33,000 additional troops to afghanistan in 2009 .. to quash a taliban resurgence. their goal was to stabilize the country so u.s. and international trainers could develop afghan security forces. 68,000 american troops are still in afghanistan ... the same number as in late 2008. sixteen members of a renegade amish community in rural eastern ohio were convicted of federal hate crimes. prosecutors said samuel mullet senior, and 15 of his followers forcibly shaved the beards and cut the hair of amish people who had left his group over
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religious disagreements. in the amish faith, hair and beards are sacred religious symbols. the judge is expected to sentence them between 15 and 20 years in prison. new allegations have surfaced about jerry sandusky involving a child porn ring. a man who says he was a former child prostitute claims sandusky, was involved in a tri-state child porn ring along with the late "poly prep" football coach, phil foglietta. greg bucceroni claims that back in 1979 he was supposed to have sex with sandusky, but instead was introduced to foglietta. twelve alumni of the brooklyn prep school have filed a lawsuit claiming they were raped and abused by foglietta. sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sex abuse, and is awaiting sentencing. monica lewinsky will get 12 million dollars for a tell-all memoir about bill clinton. that's according to the national enquirer. the book will reportedly contain new details about her
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affair with the president. a friend told the enquirer that lewinsky will talk about clinton's desire for three-way sex and more. lewinsky will also publish her love letters for the first time and reveal unflattering things bill clinton allegedly said about his wife. obie's foster mom says she gets letters and e-mails from people who watch the dog and have become inspired to lose weight too. this dog was grossly overweight and could barely walk until a foster family to a camook him in >>at nearly 70 lbs. he waddles and he can't keep up with his new brother but it doesn't stop him from trying >>he is a happy and easygoing dog ... his foster mother
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volunteered to take kim on after reading about him on a rescue facebook page in an oregon ... >>i just read the story and thought i can take him how tough can this be he can lose weight ... that was one month ago he weighed in at 77 lbs. his former owners were an elderly couple they loved him so much that they overfed him ... the dog is now on a strict high-protein high fiber diet and so far it's working ... the 5 year-old dog has lost 10 lbs. the goal is to get him to 40 ... his fans the fate ... >>when he loses the weight he
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will be happy and normal and a role model ... >>the most amazing thing is how he influences and inspires people to ... >>the obesity epidemic is not just about human beings ... just ahead: why some caterpillar workers in east peoria will be getting some additional time off around the holidays. still to come this midday: the wait is over.... apple stores are now selling the iphone 5. and later in lunchbreak: a healthy sushi roll with a spicy kick! the folks from "ra sushi chicago" are here this is a recipe that i gave
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ot sfilodour
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the rush in on ... to grab the latest edition of the i-phone. customers have been streaming into apple stores today ... to pick up the new i-phone five. wgn's nancy loo is live at the apple store on michigan with a look. this line is growing ... many have the new i-phone 5 some spent three days waiting in line ... >>i feel like i'm a winner ... these diehards have smiling faces today they will spend the day using in showing off this new i phone 5 >>it's user-friendly you can't ask for a better phone and now it's fester and a whole lot better ... >>people started lining up tuesday at the store here on the magnificent mile and this was the pay off this morning >>i feel like lebron james or kobe bryant walking and i am happy to get the phone and it's
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friday what can be better ... tech experts say that it's worth the hype ... the faster processor the graphics and the new screen is nice and the size is perfect and that's key it's not bulky compared to others ... the 3-d displayed is quite impressive as is the new passbook a digital wallet personalize to your favorite vendors and activities ... >>i can actually check in and with my flight through this passbook ... >>its aluminum with glass who once that plastic stuff ... this is beautiful a work of art ... the store is in giving in to many details but they still say that they still have funds available an estimated 10
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million new i phone 5 phones are expected to sell in the next couple of days we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: samsung might crash the apple i- phone party there might be another lawsuit over the i phone 5 the case might not go to trial until 2014 it will affect the availability of the new phone the workers at the caterpillar east peoria complex will be getting more holiday time off ... sources say that the company plans a one week shutdown at thanksgiving and another before christmas not designed to give employees more time with families it's just the business
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and economic environment falling short and they are cutting back production bang great .com says that nine interest checking accounts are free of charge ... but that is dropping ... overdraft fees are reaching record high numbers ... the midwestern drought has round lots of crops but it's also becoming a headache for homeowners ... some are hearing gunshots coming from cracking foundations as houses are pulling away from exterior walls because of the dry soil settlement ... repairs can be quite expensive we are seeing a higher trading and the market is up at this hour
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the original blues brothers band is here this midday. they're performing tomorrow at the first annual "the blues 4 blue benefit concert" at park west theater... tom kirk is the president and ceo of the us too international prostate cancer education and support network. thanks for being here. it has been a big month for you you had a big fund-raiser last weekend what about this event tomorrow night? >>we're very excited we will be at the park west this is a disease that many people don't like to discuss ... i think the blues brothers change the whole image of chicago how can we get tickets to this event ... go to the website ...
12:22 pm
>>i will be there myself but i must speak to steve here i grew up listening to you steve you are one of my guitar heroes ... when i heard that original by sam and dave i found out the play at steve guy was you! >>we had quite a group at stack's record in memphisx records in memphis ... >>what was it like in those days? >>it was like going to church ... you are able to shut out the outside ... >>i was pretty young i started there at 19 years old you have a
12:23 pm
personal interest in prostate cancer ... >>my dad is a survivor. he's in his nineties. it is great to have all of you here i will see you tomorrow night ... when we come back: space shuttle endeavour's final journey. also ahead: a new trend in tipping in restaurants.... and it's more than 20-percent. and still to come, music this midday from the original blues brothers band.... play it steve!
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plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse. chicago police are questioing three people in the robbery and shooting of a 71 year-old cta worker at a bus garage. the man was delivering money to a cta credit union on the west side yesterday morning when he was shot in the leg. the gunmen got away with $140,000. two people were taken into custody and a third person turned himself into police. the cta worker is in critical condition. a teenager from hillside will stand trial for trying to bomb a crowded bar in the west loop.
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18-year-old adel daoud was indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday, for trying to use a weapon of mass destruction and trying to destroy a building with a car bomb. the bomb turned out to be a dud and the seller an undercover fbi agent. prosecutors say daoud refused several offers to back out of the bombing plot. daoud's defense lawyer claims his client is just a misguided teenager, and the feds set him up. he'll stay in jail until his arraignment, about a week from now. the former comptroller of dixon illinois is facing a new round of charges. rita crundwell was indicted yesterday on 60 counts of theft... for allegedly embezzling more than 50 million dollars from the city, and using it to support her horse-breeding business. she was already facing a single federal count of wire fraud. she has pleaded not guilty to the federal charge. g-m is recalling more than 400,000 cars to fix a problem that could lead the vehicles to roll... when drivers think they're in park. the cars in question are the chevy malibu, the pontiac g-6 and and the saturn aura. the model years are 2007 through 2010... and the cars have automatic transmissions. g-m says it's aware of four crashes related to the problem but no injuries. the car company will repair the problem. the old rule of tipping 15
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percent in restaurants apparently no longer applies. even 20% is on the way out. the new york post reports normal tipping in restaurants is now 25-30 percent of the tab. and it's not just in new york city. research from cornell university shows more than one of every three people left tips of more than 20%. space shuttle endeavour is in wrapping up its three-day cross- country relocation today. the shuttle-- riding piggy-back on a nasa plane-- will do flyovers of los angeles sacramento and san francisco. it will finish the last leg of the journey with a parade through the streets of los angeles. endeavour will come to rest at its new home at the california science center where it will become an exhibit. still to come this midday .... jim ramsey has your full forecast!
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sunday morning might have us dropping into the mid '30's with patchy frost that will be the coldest. of this coming up ... temperatures today will be relatively cool but it will remain so tomorrow and sunday the colder moments will be in the pre-dawn hours on sunday ... it is an overcast day today with some drizzle downtown the rain is expected to pick up ... nine right now it is 59 degrees at o'hare the temperature at midway is around 60 degrees 62 along the lakefront here in
12:33 pm
chicago ... we won't see too much increase in temperatures today because of the cloud cover but out in north dakota they have freeze warnings in effect and freeze watches all over this day ... temperatures are in the mid-20s out there that's the cold air coming from canada sitting with us over the weekend ... this will moderate on monday there's a good chance we may get into the '70s by monday or tuesday ... not everybody will be getting frost the farther from the lake that you are the higher the probability ... there is plenty of moisture in the air and the rain to work with ...
12:34 pm
you can see tomorrow we expect wind gusts around 30 mi. per hour ... not much to concern yourself with with the pollen counts but the mold categories are high ... rain showers are pushing into the chicago area we hear thunder up north ... spotty throughout the day here in the city ... mac hailstones in part of southeastern missouri they did this morning ... it looks like sunday will be the gorgeous day this weekend lots of sunshine but cool the high temperature will likely be around 55 degrees across the area. now looking at the
12:35 pm
afternoon forecast: here in chicago cloudy skies periods of rain and thunder is possible breezy at times temperatures 59-64 degrees tonight cloudy skies passing showers low temperatures 43 degrees in the outlying areas 50 downtown showers in the forecast saturday mostly in the morning temperatures will rise to the mid-50s maybe 60 in some spots sunday the coldest day of this cold. we will be in the low 50s the wind will subside after getting gusty saturday not a great looking start to the weekend but sunday will be pretty nice just put on some layers time now for today's trivia question: which country is the largest spanish-speaking country of
12:36 pm
south america? a. venezuela b. brazil c. argentina @ñ 0úkññú?p@kúwúz0(ú?(> né'húç@@o@oúw@émúó@w@?
12:37 pm
@ó@ç ñ0=úop2@ox?ú8ú2 mvñ@x@7@[xvúy ÷xxñ÷7x ú@çññ@vñqpúpúuúçúó@w ?@vñ
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time for sports: the white sox' magic number is down to 12, but they travel to the west coast for a weekend series with the angels, who are still in the wild card hunt. the sox going for a series win in kansas city. sox up 3-0 in the third... eric hosmer hits a grounder up the middle and francisco liriano makes the stop between his legs. but it's tied with two outs in the bottom of the ninth... matt
12:39 pm
thornton gives up the line drive to hosmer, , and the winning run scores. the sox lose 4-3, and the royals win the season series 12-6. the cubs trying to avoid a sweep against the reds. thanks to a strikeout on a wild pitch... cubs starter jason berken tied a major league record with four strike outs in the second... he pitched six shutout innings. but cincinatti breaks it open in the 7th... henry rodriguez hits a 2-run double to left center, capping off a 5-run inning. cubs lose 5-3, and the reds clinch a spot in the playoffs. juluis peppers returned to practice, as the bears make final preparations for the rams on sunday. matt forte sat out again with a sprained ankle, so michael bush will likely start. brian urlacher rested as part of his recovery from knee surgery, but will start sunday. saint louis could be without running back steven jackson, but quarterback sam bradford has the third best passer rating the the nfl. the bears are still confident they can bounce back from their bad loss to the packers.
12:40 pm
we have to come back this week ... we are not too far behind ... not as bad as we think is not as good either its early in the season ... that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. could afternoon. good afternoon. here are your winning picked three numbersck3 numbers:
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3 1 4 here are your winning pick four numbers: 6 7 6 1 power-ball is $174 million ... have a great afternoon
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a new battle in the war on cancer is gaining momentum. the m.d. anderson cancer center in texas is driving the initiative called the "moon shots program." the program aims to improve the survival rates for some of the most common and deadly cancers... including lung cancer, triple negative breast cancer ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia and melanoma. the center's president says the program's name was inspired by john f. kennedy's determination to go to the moon.
12:45 pm
the center will invest three billion dollars into the program over the next ten years. people who drink tea may significantly decrease their chances of developing chronic diseases. a new study found postmenopausal women with low bone mass who drank four to six cups of green tea a day showed signs of improvement in bone mass. researchers also found drinking just one cup of black tea reduced blood pressure and prevented negative effects on blood pressure. t can fight off infections and increase metabolism ... if you 're trying to lose weight you might want to exercise less. researchers say somewhere around 30 minutes a day. reserachers studied men in their 20s and early 30s. one group took up a 30-minute- a-day routine of moderate exercise. the other group exercised for an hour a day or until they burned 600 calories. by the end of 13 weeks the vigorous workout group lost an average of 5 pounds... but the men who exercised moderately... lost an average of 7 pounds.
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lunchbreak is next. we're making a light and spicy tuna sushi recipe it is all for a good cause ... >>and i am
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12:48 pm
in today's lunchbreak: fundraising and food... a light and spicy sushi roll made with tuna and mango salsa.... this was the brainchild of a group dedicated to raising money for
12:49 pm
breast cancer... including yours truly. brian carter is here with chef jesus arista, with the recipe from "ra sushi chicago".... you have asked a number of people from chicago to give you a recipe or an idea for a sushi roll ... we have morning and midday news people around chicago to come up with ideas to help raise money ... on sunday september 30th 23rd ... we will judge ...
12:50 pm
my sushi roll has to do with the group i am raising money for and so we have the dancing theme ... it's the man could tank go sushi roltuna mango tango.... we encourage your viewers to come and vote and vote for the favorite ... we will have a secret celebrity judge along with the audience ... and people actually get to taste this there is no fee to get in. the winner will be on a special membenu on the menu of all three
12:51 pm
restaurants around chicago and the proceeds will go directly to the charities ... we started this three years ago with the different media outlets and we decided to keep going... it's been very successful so far. so what is the key to getting this role look so good ... >>you have to use a good price that must be cooked properly and the quality of the fish is so
12:52 pm
important as well as the freshness of the cucumber or any vegetable and it the right tone with the spiciness this is a very jazzy sushi roll dina bair ... we will be encouraging people to vote we will have a lot of suspense it came down to one vote last year ... >>i invited so many people from the news department here at wgn to be there ...
12:53 pm
brian carter, thanks so much for joining us. the 'wake up little sushi' signature rolling contest will feature chicago morning and midday news anchors we'll create an original sushi roll and partner with a non- profit organization to raise money for a good cause. remember mine: the tuna tango teaser..... it's sunday, september 23rd from 2 until 4 p.m. that's at ra sushi chicago, at 1139 north state street. for today's recipe, or to watchot
12:54 pm
sfilodour a speed bump! [ wife ] a beached whale! lawn clippings! a mattress. a sausage link. mermaid. honey!? driftwood. come on, you gotta help us out here a little. [ male announcer ] febreze eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh.
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♪ ♪ time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: which country is the largest spanish-speaking country of south america? a. venezuela b. brazil c. argentina the answer: argentina today will be a bit sloppy....
12:56 pm
we have some rain coming with maybe some thunder... most of this is along the border with wisconsin. we expect rainshowers off and on throughout the day to day. the forecast models shows this pushing through but rain will happen tomorrow morning as well and then we should be good for a while with the sunshine coming later tomorrow ... no suntanned today here is the seventh day forecast: temperatures will be dropping substantially going into the weekend it will be cool in fact in the '50s both
12:57 pm
saturday and sunday the rain saturday will be in the morning should be out of the way by sunday ... temperatures will recover nicely by tuesday we will be into the mid '70s thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember we are back at 5:00 this evening and again at 9:00. we have more music now from "the original blues brothers band"... they're performing tomorrow night at 9 at the first annual "the blues 4 blue benefit concert" at park west theater... it's a benefit concert to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer. to learn more go to:
12:58 pm
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